Thursday, February 10, 2011

[Update] Ericsson Smart Services Router to Include DPI and Video Caching

Ericsson updated the press release with a new document ("Ericsson provide the 4th Generation of IP Networking" - heredetailing some of the features of the new router (see my previous post - here) :

Smart Services Router .
The Smart Services Router (SSR) is Ericsson’s next generation router that scales in multiple dimensions:  
  • Multi-application processing: video (caching), mobility (mobile gateway), business and residential services with powerful DPI and policy enforcement
  • Subscribers/Devices: Scalability in subscribers, signaling, and number of applications, combined with flexible subscriber management. 
  • Capacity: 16 Tbps system with 400 Gbps full-duplex slots, smoothly upgradeable in a grow-as-you-need manner
Operators deploying the SSR will recognize new revenue opportunities through rapid deployment value-added services and user experience optimization. They can also reduce operational costs through functional consolidation, unified management, and low energy consumption


  1. Would such a product minimize the need for standalone DPI solutions?

  2. I guess it will for some customers. However, standalone DPI devices provide additional capabilities, and manage to stay one step ahead of embedded DPI, such as the new Ericsson or other GGSNs.

    See what the DPI vendors think -