Friday, January 17, 2014

Allot CEO: US Sales will Grow Slowly

The recent ruling against the FCC on Net Neutrality (see "Net neutrality is half-dead: Court strikes down FCC’s anti-blocking rules; Ruling lets ISPs "block and discriminate against customers’ communications" - here) generates new hopes for the DPI market in the US where the larger MNOs and ISPs were reluctant so far to deploy large scale, application and subscriber-aware traffic shaping solutions.

Allot Communications CEO, Rami Hadar [pictured], told the Israeli paper The Marker (reported by Yoram Gabizon, here, Hebrew) that "the demand for our products in the US will grow in the medium to long term .. so far we sold to US carriers Value-added solutions that do not interfere with Net Neutrality; however these services generate only 28% of our revenues". Hadar "expects the revenues from Allot's base solution to grow slowly over the next quarters, due to the slow sales cycle with the larger US operators".

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