Friday, January 31, 2014

Qwilt Adds Live Streaming Caching

Qwilt unveiled the ".. industry's first transparent caching solution for live-streamed events online: Qwilt Live Stream Cache .. enabling the efficient delivery of high-quality live OTT event streaming to broadband subscribers worldwide ..  This uniquely helps service providers scale their infrastructure and optimize the flow of VOD and live video traffic across their networks, while improving QoE for their subscribers. Qwilt's QB-Series Video Fabric Controllers deliver an optimized network architecture to support popular live-streamed video events such as sports, concerts and online gaming from sites such as YouTube Live and The new Qwilt Live Stream Cache lets network operators support live streaming events to reach millions of subscribers faster, and with vastly more improved QoE.

.. Traditional live streaming protocols use unicast transmission, an inefficient and bandwidth intensive architecture that requires a dedicated HTTP session for every subscriber. In contrast, Qwilt Live Stream Cache quickly and efficiently identifies trending and popular live OTT video streams, enabling the QB-Series to instantly direct those streams into the controller's FastCache, a dedicated control and storage path optimized for quick delivery of live streams. The Qwilt Live Stream Cache then establishes a local live video transmission point in each neighborhood that can serve a very large population of nearby subscribers using a single seed stream, offloading significant strain on operator network infrastructures".

See "Qwilt Unveils Industry’s First Transparent Caching Solution for Live Video Streaming" - here.

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