Sunday, January 26, 2014

JDSU/Arieso, Devicescape: LTE Users are Hungry for Data

Several reports have been published recently showing trends in bandwidth usage:
  • [JDSU/Arieso]: 
    • 4G users are 10 times more data hungry than 3G users: Just 0.1% of 4G users consume more than HALF of all 4G downlink data measured
    • Phone 5s users are ‘hungriest’ data consumers finds study of more than 150 devices in developed and developing markets
    • iPhone 5s users consume seven times as much data as benchmark iPhone 3G users in developed markets, and 20 times as much data as benchmark iPhone 3G users in developing markets
      See "iPhone 5s users and 4G network users now most ‘data hungry’ globally, JDSU research finds" - here.

  • David Nowicki [pictured], CMO at Devicescape - “According to our research, both mobile data and Wi-Fi usage increase dramatically, as users upgrade from 3G to 4G, and at almost the same rate. On average 4G smartphone users consume 2.1 times more mobile data per month and twice the amount of Wi-Fi that 3G smartphone users consume.

    Smartphone users tend to be divided into distinctive groups with heavy data users and early adopters leading the pack and light users, which make up a significant percentage of the subscriber base, lagging behind in terms of usage. Light users are typically held back by some combination of cost, performance and complexity. These users don’t care to distinguish between Home Wi-Fi, Public Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G – they just want to be connected wherever they are".
  • See also - [Amdocs/Actix]: "Newer Smartphones are Hungriers (for Data)" (here)

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