Friday, January 10, 2014

4GIsrael Highlights

Yesterday I attended IMA's 7th 4G Israel Event (here). This year the event focus was on the extra value LTE is expected to bring to MNOs.

I collected the following highlights:
  • Rani Wellingstein, Cisco (Co-Founder, CEO Intucell - see "[Cisco Acquired] Intucell CEO Speaks about SON Opportunity" at 4GIsrael 2013 - here): "Cisco SON activity is based in Israel, with 150 people".
  • Shira Levine, Directing Analyst, Infonetics Research provided information on innovative LTE (and 3G) business models around the world - many based on policy management solutions. 

  • Lauri Oksanent, VP Research and Technology, NSN LTE-Advanced vision:

  • Paulo Lamberti, Head of Regional Offering LTE & Heterogeneous Networks, Ericsson on small cells

  • Glenn Booth, VP & GM LTE Business Unit, Alcatel-Lucent on the fast success of LTE

  • Leonid Burakovsky, Sr. Director, Strategic Solutions, F5 Networks explained why "LTE is less secured than 3G":

  • Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis, described the voice opportunity in LTE - "Voice is not Telephony":
    • VoLTE: "Right idea, five years late", 
    • WebRTC: "The most exciting thing in web communication in 10 years"

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