Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Israel: Carriers Must Disclose Broadband CIR

A new level of transparency is now required from the network providers in Israel. This relates to the two providers of broadband service - Bezeq (DSL) and HOT (Cable).

In Israel the internet service is separated into access and ISP functions, so the customer has to negotiate twice and get two bills. The new rules regulate the access providers only and as such do not mean much to the subscribers.

The Ministry of Communications published corrections to Bezeq and HOT's operator licenses (here and here, Hebrew) with a new section - "service advertising". The new section says that the service  advertisement has to be "real, accurate, fair and conforms to the license" and should include all the following items - maximum download rate, minimum download rate (available at all time to the subscriber) and the same for upload rates.

Both carriers should disclose the above, in writing, to all subscribers in 30 days.

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