Saturday, January 25, 2014

P2P Traffic Shaping is Still There; South Korea Leads

A recent report in TorrentFreak shows that DPI and traffic shaping is still a popular practice, globally. The report also finds that South Korea and Japan, known for their high speed broadband connections, are in the top 5 countries where ISPs are limiting the use of file sharing.

".. fresh data from the Google-backed Measurement Lab, which provides new insight into the BitTorrent throttling practices of ISPs all over the world. The data show that many ISPs still interfere with file-sharing traffic, but to varying degrees. Hundreds of ISPs all over the world limit and restrict BitTorrent traffic on their networks. Unfortunately, this is something that most of these companies are quite secretive about".

See "Is Your ISP Messing With BitTorrent Traffic? Find Out" - here.

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