Monday, January 13, 2014

[Survey]: 2/3 of Vendors Now Believe DPI is a Must-have Technology

A new survey by Graham Finnie [pictured], Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading (sponsored by Qosmos) finds that:
  • Two thirds of vendors now believe DPI is a must-have technology.
  • The largest use case (by number of vendors citing it) is service assurance for QoS/QoE; the second largest is policy control (PCEF), which we believe is the largest use case by volume

  • The proportion of vendors choosing to source DPI from a third party is gradually rising, and a majority of those doing so prefer to use a pure-play supplier of DPI components
  • Half of respondents said that encryption of protocols is reducing the effectiveness of DPI. Packet metric analysis (heuristics) was identified as the main remedy
  • More than 90 percent said ETSI NFV would affect next-generation product design, and more than half said availability of standardized virtualized network function (VNFC) components would likely lead them to source more third-party components, including the proposed ETSI DPI VNFC
  • Most vendors expect to use several hardware platform types, including in some cases proprietary or ATCA platforms, as they shift to virtualization 
  • More than two thirds said the virtual switch would be important in future product designs, and most also said it should be application-aware
The survey was conducted in October/November 2013 and asked executives from telecom suppliers a range of questions about DPI/traffic analysis, virtualization and the relationship between the two.

See "DPI & Traffic Analysis in Networks" - here.

Based on NFV and SDN

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