Monday, February 10, 2014

Amdocs Positions Actix/Celcite as its SON Solution

Amdocs announced the "..Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks (SON) solution, which automates the optimization of radio access networks (RANs) .. Amdocs SON gives mobile service providers a market-proven [See "Amdocs: Telus [Canada]; TIM, Nextel [Brazil]; Vodafone, Telefonica [Germany] Selected Actix/Celcite" - heresolution that efficiently manages increasingly complex heterogeneous networks (HetNets), maximizes capacity utilization and improves network performance and quality for their customers.

Amdocs SON is: Vendor-agnostic, Customer experience/value-driven, Able to support 2G and 3G services as well as LTE  and Offered with a comprehensive range of services to integrate SON into existing equipment, operational/business support systems and processes - streamlines adoption while reducing operational risk".

Rebecca Prudhomme [pictured], VP product and solutions marketing, Amdocs said: "Our acquisitions of Actix and Celcite, [see "Amdocs Explains Celcite/Actix Business" - here] and their complementary product and services offerings, provides us with an impressive installed base of existing customers - making Amdocs today one of the leading independent providers of vendor-agnostic SON solutions. And, with Amdocs' in-depth knowledge and expertise in deploying mission-critical systems within highly complex service provider environments, the risk associated with SON deployments is reduced.

See "Amdocs Announces Self-Optimizing Networks Solution For Customer Experience-Driven Network Automation" - here.

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