Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Procera: "Super Bowl streaming traffic hit highs of ~10% of overall traffic"

Cam Cullen reported to Procera's blog on the Super Bowl traffic stats:

"Some highlights of our survey of ~9 different US broadband markets (a market being defined as a single “NFL City” or a regional ISP):
  • Anywhere from .5% to 1.2% of active subscribers during the Super Bowl broadcast actually tuned into the live stream
  • Interestingly enough, those users did not use appreciably more bandwidth than “average” during that time – in fact on a few networks they used less than the average user (indicating others that were on were either file sharing or streaming other video)
  • Super Bowl streaming traffic hit highs of ~10% of overall traffic volume on some of the networks monitored
  • Netflix dipped as much a 20% during the first half, peaking at the Halftime show with Bruno Mars, and then climbing back during the 2nd half to normal numbers (and well beyond on the West Coast where primetime was hitting)
  • The halftime show was the most viewed portion of the stream
  • My home connection consumed 3.8GB during the live stream". 
Super Bowl Streaming as a % of overall bandwidth (West Coast – this one showed ~10% as the peak):
See "Super Streaming Super Bowl Delivers" - here.

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