Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Amdocs: Telus [Canada]; TIM, Nextel [Brazil]; Vodafone, Telefonica [Germany] Selected Actix/Celcite

Amdocs announced "a number of customer wins [and expansions] for mobile network optimization capabilities resulting from its recent acquisitions of Actix [see "Amdocs Acquires Actix ($120M) to Provide Geo-located Network Information" - hereand Celcite [see "Amdocs Acquires Celcite for $129M" - here]:

[see also "Amdocs Explains Celcite/Actix Business" - here]
  • TIM Brasil [here] to improve data traffic transmission across Brazil
  • TELUS (Canada) for 3G and LTE geo-location and radio access networks (RAN) consolidation into a single, unified solution that will enable TELUS to improve customer experience while realizing significant engineering efficiencies
  • Nextel Brasil (NII Group) selected ActixOne to be one of the network optimization solutions for its recently deployed 3G network in Brazil
  • Vodafone Germany to continue Vodafone's strategic RAN optimization program to increase efficiency, improve customer experience and enable advanced optimization
  • Telefónica Germany added 2G optimization to the company's existing ActixOne optimization platform and extended 3G and LTE coverage to 100 percent"
See "Amdocs Announces Customer Sales Momentum for Mobile Network Optimization" - here.

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