Friday, February 21, 2014

Saguna's Optimization and Monetization Technology to be Deployed in 2014

Saguna Networks announced that the ".. Saguna CODS cloud-RAN platform will be deployed in multiple Mobile Networks across 4 continents during the first half of 2014 following a series of successful trials during 2013. The deployments will be carried out by Saguna’s partners, which are among the world’s leading network equipment vendors"

Early last year Saguna announced several partnerships: ADVA (here), Ubiquisys (acquired by Cisco, here), FibroLan (here) and (maybe) - NSN (see "Rumors: NSN's Liquid Applications Uses Saguna's Technology" - here).

Lior Fite [pictured], CEO, Saguna Networks said: “During 2013, we worked on integrating the Saguna CODS cloud-RAN platform with most of the leading mobile network vendors. We are now delighted to see increasing numbers of deployments by mobile operators around the globe. Moving forward, we are dedicated to helping mobile operators deliver a wow mobile user experience and find new ways to profit

" .. By getting the content much closer to the users, Saguna CODS is setting new standards for an ‘always on’ user experience while improving network economics .. Saguna CODS enables mobile operators to increase network monetization through new partnership opportunities and revenue generating services. With the company’s recently released Open-API, mobile operators can use Saguna CODS to deliver content from 3rd party systems including CDNs, optimizers and caching systems, from the 4G Radio Access".

See "Saguna Networks’ Platform to be Deployed in Mobile Networks Worldwide During the First Half of 2014" - here.


  1. How large is the caching node (CODS) in the RAN? I'm guessing that it would need to rely on solid-state storage in those locations.

    1. Hi James,
      Normally, CODS storage size in the RAN can be 100s of GB and up to few TB.
      The actual size varies between the RAN vendors that integrate CODS into their product.
      Storage is SSD. Ofer