Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vasona Adds Cell-Level Analytics

Vasona Networks [see "[Vendor Review]: Vasona's Cell Traffic Management" - here and "Vasona Raised $12M; Vodafone Participated" - here] announced the "..SmartVISION™ analysis suite. Mobile operators deploy SmartVISION for visibility about application activities within each cell of a network, including every session's impact on capacity utilization and congestion conditions. The new offering complements Vasona Networks' SmartAIR™1000 edge application controller".

Cell-level view via SmartVISION

Regional view via SmartVISION

"SmartVISION provides both real-time monitoring of live operating conditions and analytical reporting about performance trends over time, including alerts triggered by certain conditions. This is a thorough solution to overcome issues impacting performance and experiences while they happen, and to guide investment and architectural considerations based on trends in use of cells and their resources. SmartVISION also facilitates centralized management of Vasona SmartAIR edge application controller deployments, which improve customer experiences with real-time capacity allocation based on considerations like cell congestion and session latency"

See "Vasona Networks Debuts SmartVISION to Help Mobile Operators Gain Actionable Insights From All Subscriber App Use on Their Networks" - here.

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