Sunday, February 23, 2014

Napatech and ipoque Partner to Assist Network Equipment Vendors

Napatech and ipoque announced a ".. joint mission to improve quality of experience (QoE) in mobile networks using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers. 

Napatech and ipoque are working together to provide high-speed, real-time application insight into LTE networks supporting voice and video services .. Napatech and ipoque are currently engaged with key customers in deploying these capabilities today.

Napatech and ipoque will assist network equipment vendors to accelerate the identification, measurement and analysis of video and VoLTE services at high speed, under any conditions, with high reliability. The joint solution will combine the power of Napatech’s real-time network processing with ipoque’s application recognition software up to Layer 7, which is critical for traffic steering of time sensitive VoLTE & video apps".

See "Napatech and ipoque to Improve Quality of Experience in Mobile Networks" - here.

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