Saturday, February 15, 2014

Procera: Netflix' House of Cards Stats; Need 27GB to See it All

House of cards fan and Procera's VP of Global Marketing, Cam Cullen, was quick to provide us with statistics on season 2' 13 episodes released yesterday by Netflix to the net:

"I just finished binge watching the entire second season of House of Cards, and although I am not a TV or film critic, I feel quite satisfied for someone that spent somewhere close to 12 hours watching TV today .. The initial day of viewing showed a HUGE uptick from season one. Although we will have more data once the weekend is over, the first day had some very interesting data compared to what we saw last year. 
  • On a US Cable Network, 16% of the Netflix subscribers watched at least one episode of House of Cards today. Last year, that number was 2% on a similar sized network over the entire weekend. That is a MASSIVE difference.
  • On a Scandinavian broadband network [see chart below], 6% of Netflix subscribers watched at least one episode of the series. In Scandinavia. That is very impressive, and shows that the series has international appeal that should make Netflix VERY happy on the worldwide market opportunity.
  • On my home connection, I consumed over 27GB of data to watch the season in high definition" [see "Netflix CEO: 'Comcast no longer following net neutrality principles'" - here]

Scandinavian Operator: This shows a period starting at 6pm until 9pm on the viewing of different episodes. You can see the growing number of subscribers viewing Episode 1, so we can forecast growth in the rest of the episodes for the remainder of the weekend.

See "House of Cards delivers a Royal Flush: First Look" - here.

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