Saturday, July 12, 2014

Yahoo Acquires RayV for "best-in-class quality and content video delivery"

Rumors spread two months (see "Yahoo to Buy RayV?" - here) ago are now a reality.
RayV (see "RayV Exposes Turn Key Video Streaming to MNOs and ISPs" -  here) site announces that "We are excited to announce we are joining Yahoo's Cloud Platforms and Services Team! Our team began the RayV journey with the goal of building a revolutionary video distribution platform that would provide a better video experience for viewers over the internet, while easing the distribution process for content creators. Over the last eight years, we have done just that".

Congratulations to some of my old VocelTech colleagues!
Yahoo's P.P.S. Narayan, VP of Cloud Platforms and Services says in the company's blog (here) - "I’m thrilled to announce that we have acquired RayV, a company with an exciting approach to online video streaming in the rapidly evolving mobile space .. at Yahoo, we are focused on building a video offering that delivers best-in-class quality and content, and can be streamed on-demand and live, on all platforms"

See "RayV is joining Yahoo platform and services team" - here.

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