Wednesday, March 7, 2012

VAS Announcements: RayV Exposes Turn Key Video Streaming to MNOs and ISPs

RayV, a start up providing a turn-key solution of OTT video services, exposed its solution - RayVCloudTV,  yesterday, after two years of working in stealth mode. The solution provides another way for mobile and other operators to recover their revenues lost to Over-the-Top providers (see also "VAS Announcements: Kineto's VoIP Application for MNOs" - here).

The CEO, Shlomi Cohen (pictured), told the Israeli press (Calcalist - here) that "Over $40M were invested in the company; we are about to sign contracts with mobile, cable, satellite and media companies .. we provide software-based end-to-end solution, including video coding and streaming, billing, EPG, advertising engine and interface to social networks .. so far telcos had to invest millions of $ to build and maintain streaming services - we offer a connection to our existing platform, with minimal cost and royalties of $1-2 per subscriber per month".

"we are in the process of signing an agreement with the largest MNO in Europe"

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