Monday, February 23, 2015

Active Broadband Launches All-Software Forwarding Engine

Active Broadband Networks announced a "new virtual, all-software forwarding engine that moves broadband edge processing functions off edge routers into software, eliminating the need for complex, expensive and inflexible edge routers and enabling broadband operators to directly connect customers to their cloud .. Active Broadband’s APG-VNF expands the flexibility of the SD-BNG, and is available today"

The Active Programmable Gateway (APG) is the all-software forwarding engine element of the Software-Defined Broadband Network Gateway (SD-BNG), a platform that also consists of the Active Resource Controller (ARC), an SDN controller optimized for broadband service delivery with integrated orchestration, activation, analytics, policy and QoE management. 

The new APG-Virtual Network Function (APG-VNF) enables edge admission, forwarding and QoS functionality to be deployed as virtual machines in an operator’s cloud. Using the SD-BNG with the APG-VNF, operators can directly connect customers’ edge connectivity services to network, compute, storage and application services elastically provisioned within their cloud without the cost and complexity of legacy edge routers. The APG-VNF provides physical and logical connectivity integrating Linux virtualization and containers to enable flexible customer and infrastructure capabilities. The APG-VNF supports popular fixed broadband termination and access mechanisms orchestrated and managed by the ARC".

See "Active Broadband Introduces Groundbreaking Virtual Network Function to Virtualize the Broadband Edge" - here.

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