Thursday, February 19, 2015

PeerApp Integrates Saguna's Mobile Edge Solution

PeerApp announced an "..evolution of its current mobile core offerings to bring Internet content acceleration to the edge of mobile networks with the Saguna Open-RAN leading Mobile Edge Computing platform. The PeerApp Mobile Edge Computing solution will complement the existing PeerApp mobile core solution by bringing optimization functionality such as content caching, DNS (domain name server) caching, and video optimization to the Radio Access Network (RAN). The new solution will deliver hierarchical caching that expands into the RAN.

The PeerApp Mobile Edge Computing solution, powered by Saguna, leverages Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to bring cloud and virtualization concepts to the RAN; this allows applications to run as close as possible to the subscriber. As a result, subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) – which is particularly challenging with mobile video – is improved. This also changes mobile network operator (MNO) economics by increasing margin and opening monetization opportunities"

See "PeerApp extends its Mobile Content Acceleration Solution to the RAN to help Operators meet Mobile Video Demand; Leverages Saguna Open-RAN" - here.

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