Monday, February 23, 2015

Allot Launches Monetization Through Engagement Solution

Allot Communications announced the ".. launch of Allot SmartEngage, a solution designed to help mobile service providers to enhance and better monetize their engagement with their subscribers. 

The first moment a subscriber gets a new smartphone or tablet up and running and browses the Internet is a critical moment for service providers to offer new services and secure registrations. The ability to engage users and secure service opt-ins during this stage of the user lifecycle can result in a significant revenue opportunity for mobile operators looking to deliver and monetize value-added services such as personal security, music streaming, cloud services, content bundles and others" 

The flow of information between Allot Service Gateway and other elements in your network starts with the provisioning of a new SIM, as follows:
  1. New SIM is provisioned by PCRF with Onboarding set to ON in customer service plan
  2. PCRF updates Allot Service Gateway
  3. Allot Service Gateway detects first-browse activity and redirects to Welcome Page
  4. Per user’s response, PCRF updates service plan and notifies Allot Service Gateway that first-engagement is over
  5. Onboarding is turned OFF.

"Allot SmartEngage elevates customer experience management by using advanced traffic awareness capabilities delivered via the Allot Service Gateway to detect specific browsing activity and present the subscriber with offerings that are relevant to their profile, device model, operating system, and browser. 

The solution conducts granular, accurate, and scalable traffic analysis to identify and redirect only the relevant customer traffic stream, while leaving all other applications uninterrupted. Allot SmartEngage enables operators to leverage online engagement with zero impact to customer experience at any time".

See "Allot Launches SmartEngage Enabling Mobile Operators to Increase Subscriber Service Uptake" - here.

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