Friday, February 20, 2015

Vasona Adds Support for Encrypted Traffic

Vasona Networks [see "[Vendor Review]: Vasona's Cell Traffic Management" - here] announced the "latest feature set for its SmartAIR™1000 edge application controller and SmartVISION™ analysis suite:
  • Mobile operators gain a much-needed solution for managing the rising share of encrypted applications and content, which already accounts for nearly 25 percent of traffic on networks.

    SmartAIR now assesses characteristics of encrypted content from application types such as streaming, social media, email and file transfer, and can intelligently manage their resource usage during periods of network congestion. As the share of encrypted traffic rises, this is vital for delivering the best experiences across all users. With this functionality, Vasona Networks achieves a key distinction, since encrypted traffic can be completely opaque for other approaches to bandwidth management. 

  • .. rolling out the SmartCONNECT feature to share real-time data collected by its platforms with third-party systems.

  • SmartVISION [see "Vasona Adds Cell-Level Analytics" - hereDaily Dashboard feature that provides regular network performance and user experience reporting". 

See "Vasona Networks Tackles Congestion Management Issues Caused By Rise Of Encrypted Traffic On Mobile Networks" - here.

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