Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Qosmos Launches a Standards-based Service Classifier (2300+ Protocols and Metadata)

Qosmos announced the "Qosmos Classifier, the market’s first standards-based, dedicated service classifier. It is based on award-winning Qosmos technology which identifies and extracts traffic information in real time, identifying protocols, types of application, and extracting additional information in the form of metadata. 

The Qosmos Classifier is especially well-suited to enable intelligent, dynamic service chaining for mobile Gi-LAN environments.

Key technical capabilities
  • ETSI-compliant Virtual Network Function (VNF) or software appliance
  • IETF NSH/SCH tagging (upcoming standard), in addition to existing ToS/DSCP marking and vLAN tagging
  • Application and subscriber awareness
  • Application metadata to enrich traffic information in real time
  • OpenStack-compatible northbound interface for provisioning
  • Open interfaces with SDN & NFV environments (OpenFlow, SDN standards, IETF, SFC)
  • Carrier-grade high performance and availability
  • Support for legacy applications to ensure a smooth migration between existing and future architectures

See "Qosmos Announces the Qosmos Classifier™, Market’s First Standards-Based, Dedicated Service Classifier" - here.

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