Friday, February 27, 2015

Qosmos: OEM w/Anritsu; Demos Intelligent Service Chaining w/Cavium; Joins WindRiver Ecosystem

Intense activity at Qosmos! The embedded DPI s/w vendor announced following:
  • ".. it has joined the Wind River Titanium Cloud ecosystem, a program dedicated to accelerating the deployment of solutions for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The Qosmos Classifier [see "Qosmos Launches a Standards-based Service Classifier (2300+ Protocols and Metadata)" - here] has been pre-integrated and validated to fully benefit from the Wind River Titanium Server. This includes a straight alignment between the Intel® poll mode drivers (aka Intel DPDK®) along with the consistent networking (overlays support, etc.) support between the Wind River virtual switch and the Qosmos Classifier".

    See "Qosmos Joins Wind River Titanium Cloud Ecosystem to Accelerate Deployment of NFV Solutions" - here.
  • "Anritsu has embedded Qosmos ixEngine® into its MasterClaw™ Multidimensional Assurance solution.Qosmos ixEngine provides real-time, detailed visibility of key mobile applications and services for telecom operators using Anritsu MasterClaw. They benefit from 24×7 visibility across their network for all subscribers and get unrivalled service assurance capabilities strengthened by Anritsu’s eoLive real-time experience dashboard and eoSight next generational analytics"

    Neil Tomlinson [pictured], COO, Anritsu said: “Thanks to Qosmos ixEngine, we can give our CSP customers a true picture of customer experience, as perceived by a subscriber, and also make a clear link between application usage and network performance”.

    See "Anritsu Enhances MasterClaw Service Assurance Solution with Qosmos ixEngine" - here
    • It is "partnering with Cavium to showcase a demonstration of intelligent service chaining running on Cavium’s LiquidIO adapter. The demo shows a breakthrough combination of intelligence and optimized network processing power:
    Qosmos Classifier
      • Real-time intelligence is provided by a Qosmos-based service classifier, running on a Cavium LiquidIO adapter
      • High performance is enabled by the Cavium LiquidIO adapter, which accelerates network throughput by offloading vSwitch processing from the x86 host

    This new approach brings significant advantages for datacenter operators interested in dynamic, intelligent service chaining and optimized network infrastructure. They can programmatically create any type of service combination quickly and easily in a modern virtualized environment, while benefiting from extreme network performance.

    Key technical features:

    • Flow processing directly on the Cavium LiquidIO adapter for Layer 7 classification
    • Open interfaces and integration with OpenStack and SDN controllers
    • Provisioning of network rules consistent with the deployment of services
    • Provisioning using RESTful interface using NETCONF/Yang models
    See "Qosmos Showcases Intelligent Service Chaining in a Virtualized Environment Running on Cavium’s LiquidIO® Adapter" - here.

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