Friday, February 20, 2015

[EMI]: DPI Market to Reach $1.6B by 2019

A new report by Jonathon Gordon [pictured], Directing Analyst, Expert Market Insight (EMI) finds that the "global Telecoms Deep Packet Inspection market is set to grow to US$1.6B by 2019"

Jonathon adds that "Growth will be sustained by the uptake of dynamic monetization use cases driven by the need for operators to innovate and grow revenues, Although the market is set for steady growth, concerns about net neutrality, a steep increase in encrypted traffic and the shift towards virtualization are all significant challenges that are set to influence the market for vendors and service providers alike.”

Source: EMI

The report covers the following vendors: Alcatel Lucent, Allot Communications, Cisco, Citrix (ByteMobile), Emulex, Ericsson. F5, Huawei, Ipoque (Rohde & Schwarz), Nokia Networks, Procera Networks, Qosmos, Sandvine and Vedicis

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