Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Diametriq Presents: LTE Diameter Traffic Calculator

Diametriq announced ".. the first web-based interactive tool that automatically calculates the Diameter signaling load based on a variety of input variables such as the number of LTE devices and how subscribers use them. The Diameter Traffic Calculator(tm) generates reports that include graphical presentations and signaling load by network element" (see also "Tekelec Diameter Index Shows 252% CAGR Signaling Growth (2011-2016)" - here.

" .. The Diameter Traffic Calculator uses eight variables such as the number of LTE devices, and their projected yearly growth, number of simultaneous applications and expected dormancy of applications to estimate the diameter traffic in a specific network. It also factors in the percentage of postpaid subscribers and projected VoLTE users. The results are extrapolated over a 5 years period based on specified growth rates. In addition to reporting total Diameter messages per year, the tool also projects Diameter messages by network element: HSS, PCRF and OCS".
The screen shot below shows the calculator's projection, based on the defaults prepared by Diametriq (shown on the left side bar).

See "Diametriq Unveils Interactive LTE Diameter Traffic Calculator" - here and the calculator page - here.

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