Thursday, October 29, 2015

Algar Telecom Uses Openet PCC to Create New Services

Openet announced that "Algar Telecom has adopted Openet’s Policy Manager solution to streamline product development and reduce time to market. Openet’s Policy Manager solution will play a crucial role in delivering next-generation network capabilities, offering centralized access to subscriber data and other specialised BSS functions. By operating in real-time Openet’s Policy Manager will play a fundamental role streamlining the creation of new products and services. 

Using Openet’s Policy Manager, Algar Telecom enables real-time management of data quotas and uses these to target context aware offers to customers. This includes roaming offers, which provide data add-ons when customers reach their roaming data limits. These offers are activated in real-time and a deliver new revenue streams to Algar"

See "Algar Telecom Adopts Openet's Policy Manager Solution to Streamline Product Development" - here.

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