Monday, October 5, 2015

Juniper Networks and Saguna Offer a Joint MEC Solution

Saguna announced its joint solution with Juniper Networks - "Juniper Networks and Saguna joined forces to create a complete, pre-integrated Mobile Edge Computing platform, one that delivers MEC functionality with the underlying system elements required for operation within the demanding radio access network (RAN) environment. 

This joint solution allows end-user applications to achieve high bandwidth with ultra-low latency by enabling service providers to deploy services closer to the edge network using an NFV-based cloud computing environment in the mobile RAN. 

The SRAN solution components include:
  • Juniper Networks® ACX Series Universal Access Routers, MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers and QFX Series Switches – These families of switches and routers have the ability to run a Hypervisor environment within them, allowing the MEC Platform Service, API layers and MEC Edge applications to run within the Juniper hardware in the pre-aggregation/IP-aggregation environment. The MEC Edge applications can also run on an external x86-based device.
  • Juniper Networks vSRX - To ensure security within the sensitive RAN environment, Juniper Networks vSRX (virtual SRX) acts as a Security Gateway for terminating IPsec tunnels from the RAN and an originator to the centralized Security Gateway. The product also provides Firewall / NAT functions for any user traffic that needs to be offloaded locally.
  • Juniper Networks Contrail Networking – The cloud network automation platform enables mobile operators to manage the MEC platform and Edge applications from a central location. New applications and services can be enabled or disabled on demand, delivering the primary benefits of an SDN overlay network.
  • Saguna Open-RAN – Saguna’s MEC platform is a fully virtualized software solution. The MEC standard-based platform creates an open ecosystem for 3rd party MEC applications enabling mobile operators to expand their offering as new MEC services are brought to market. It also supports user mobility and core functionality including charging, policy control and lawful interception to ensure seamless integration into existing mobile network architectures.

Saguna Open-RAN

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