Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Concurrent Opens its Transparent Caching Solution

A year ago Concurrent announced that it "Enters the Fast Growing (30%+ CAGR) Transparent Cache Market" (here).

Not, the company decided to turn the offering into an open source. Concurrent announced that it will "open-source its transparent caching solution and launch a related suite of enterprise support services for commercial customers. Branded as Laguna™, Concurrent’s open-source transparent caching solution improves the quality of over-the-top (OTT) services like Netflix®, Hulu®, and Amazon Prime® TV, as well as dozens of other Internet content sources, by democratically caching popular content deep at the edge of service provider networks. This improves service quality, minimizes transit costs, and reduces overall network congestion"

Laguna integrates with Concurrent’s recently announced open-source content delivery network (CDN) solution, which is based on Apache Traffic Server™, Traffic Control, Ceph® storage, and Concurrent’s own software contributions. It also works with the company’s Unified Content Delivery Solution, a full-featured CDN solution for delivering commercial video services to set-top boxes and Internet connected devices".

The Laguna transparent caching solution helps service providers better manage network utilization by transparently caching popular Internet content within the service provider’s network. Once content is cached, consumer requests can be fulfilled using local server resources rather than accessing data through the Internet peering point. 

For the service provider, this reduces congestion on the IP network, lowers peering costs, and provides improved control over network utilization during peak usage periods. From a consumer perspective, transparent caching improves the quality and performance of OTT streaming services.

See "Concurrent Announces Open-Source Transparent Caching Solution" - here.

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