Thursday, October 8, 2015

Astellia to Optimize Telefonica Group's RAN

Telefonica Group global presence 
Astellia announced that it has ".. entered a global framework agreement for RAN optimization with Telefónica .. the two-year framework agreement establishes Astellia as a qualified global supplier and enables any of Telefónica’s Operating Companies (OpCos) to benefit from Astellia’s solution and expertise in network optimization.

With this agreement, Telefónica reinforces its focus on making network quality a core component of its customer experience policy. Astellia’s radio optimization expertise in multi-techno, multi-vendor environments will help Telefónica prevent any quality degradation of their network and hence improve the customer experience". 

Astellia's  Nova RAN Optimizer is a multi-technology & multi-vendor radio optimization tool which uses network equipment Call Trace files to measure RF coverage & quality of the network. It facilitates daily radio optimization tasks by automating recurrent analysis and reduces drastically the number of drive tests.

Geo-located Radio Coverage

See "Astellia signs global framework agreement with Telefónica Group" - here.

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