Monday, October 26, 2015

NBN [Australia] to Use DPI for Restricting Data Usage During Peak Periods

NBN Co Satellite Ground Stations
Few weeks ago NBN Australia published an RFI for DPI (see "Carrier Grade (3 9's) DPI RFI by nbn Australia" - here). Recent information shows some of the intended use.

Allie Coyne reports to itnews that "NBN plans to set caps for users on its long-term satellite service, proposing a maximum usage limit of 150GB per month following capacity issues on its interim satellite service.

As first revealed by NBN watcher Ken Tsang, NBN is planning to implement limits that mean LTSS users would be able to download no more than 150GB each month [pdf]. The 150GB tier would be the highest of three tiers. The two lower tiers come in at 75GB and 100GB.

NBN also plans to restrict customer data usage during peak periods, providing them either 15GB, 20GB or 25GB of download for the period, dependent on tier. Quotas would similarly apply for uploads. Customers who exceed the data cap will face having their speeds shaped down to as little as 256kbps for download and upload.

In late September NBN revealed it would start using network monitoring tools to stop individuals sucking up high amounts of bandwidth on the LTSS. It said it would implement deep packet inspection technology to "enhance its capacity planning, offer new services and improve congestion management

See "Data limits proposed for satellite NBN users" - here.

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