Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cisco: "LTE will not solve 3G problems; Network-Based Optimization is needed"

Jonathan Morgan, Director, MITG Product Marketing and Jim O’Leary (pictured), Senior Manager, Mobile Solutions Marketing, both from Cisco, presented in a webinar, hosted by Light Reading, Cisco's video optimization architecture for mobile networks.

According to Cisco, optimization is crucial for mobile networks (while some think that Adaptive Bit Rate will replace it). See below few slides from the presentation. DPI also plays a role along optimization - it steers
only video traffic into video solution to reduce load.


  1. In the 4th slide it says only 2% of the data flows are the flows which carry most of the traffic. Is that correct? I thought video streaming represents a higher percentage of the total data sent over the internet. Any document relevant to this?


    Fantastic blog, by the way :)

  2. As I understand it - that's 2% of the flows, but cloud be any percentage of the volume, obviously higher in the case of video traffic. There are many flows which are very light, such as web browsing, Emails etc.