Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Procera's DPI Enables Yoigo VoIP's Monetization

Procera Networks had so far a number of announcements regarding its Spanish customer, Yoigo (here, here). Unlike many other DPI deployments, Yoigo does not hide and does not afraid to explain how it uses DPI showing interesting use-cases.

This time Procera shows a deployment of "OTT - VoiP Monetization" use-case - a DPI based business model - something that usually exists only in vendors' presentations.

Yoigo "has announced VOIP Bono (here, Spanish), a Mobile VOIP add-on plan to their standard mobile data offerings. This service allows access from phone or other device for voice calls over Internet (VoIP) via Skype, Viber, or any other VOIP application. Customer can expect to get about 600 minutes of talk time with the 100MB allowance devoted exclusively to VoIP calls, and will cost 6 euros per month, with an average cost of 1 cent per minute for Mobile VOIP".

Yoigoo's "VOIP Bono is powered by the PacketLogic solutions that Yoigo has deployed in their network since 2007" - that is DPI is used to detect the use of  VoiP applications, and count minutes - this is not easy! 

Johan Andsjö (pictured), CEO of Yoigo said: "The growth of voice over IP has the potential to change the mobile operator landscape .. VOIP Bono delivers a price leading Voice over IP service that is cheaper than SkypeOut for mobile broadband customers. Procera’s Intelligent Policy Enforcement solutions enable Yoigo to stay current on the latest VOIP applications and accelerate Yoigo’s new service launches."

See "Procera Networks Powers Yoigo Mobile VOIP Services" - here.


  1. I agreed with Johan, for growth of voice developed by using VoIP. We providing VoIP services in Australia.

  2. I too second that..Voip is one technology which has completely changed telephony system works. Now business do not need to spend high dollar price to enjoy advance telephone system features.