Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sandvine: Super Bowl - Internet Streaming is Nice, Traditional TV is Better

Sandvine published several charts comparing downstream internet traffic (in a fixed network), in the US, during the Super-Bowl game on Sunday. This was the first time the game was streamed online, but the chart (red line below) shows a drop in internet usage - "At its farthest deviation from the normal level, Super Bowl Sunday’s Internet traffic was 20% lower than the average Sunday .. The biggest loser was Netflix, which lost the battle for the big screen TV"

Nevertheless, ".. At 9pm, the Super Bowl stream accounted for 6.2% of downstream network traffic – territory usually reserved for the Internet’s biggest websites".

It will be interesting see the affect on mobile (Verizon) traffic - for those who could not watch the game at home! 

While this "football" game is mostly limited to US audience (as well as its internet streaming), imagine what will happen during the 10 seconds of  the 100 Meter final, in London Olympics games this summer.

See "Super Bowl Causes a Super Dip in Internet Traffic" - here, by Matt Tooley, VP of Professional Services, Sandvine.

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