Thursday, February 23, 2012

VAS Announcements: Kineto's VoIP Application for MNOs

My last one on VoIP/IM OTT for the day ,..

After seeing the stats from Allot (here), and the recommendations from Ovum and Informa (here), there is also a product that may help MNOs salvage their voice revenues.

Kineto Wireless announced ".. Smart VoIP, the first VoIP application specifically developed to enable mobile operators to leverage their existing network infrastructure to offer a competitive over-the-top (OTT) voice service .. supports a range of standard mobile telephony capabilities and is designed to run on major mobile operating systems, including iPhone®, Android® and Windows Mobile®. The application can be branded by mobile operators and downloaded to subscribers through standard application stores .. Kineto’s Smart VoIP application ..Works over any network .. Ties to main voice service .. [and] Leverages existing core network".

See "Kineto Announces New over-the-top VoIP Application Built for Mobile Operators" - here.

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