Thursday, January 31, 2013

[Cisco Acquired] Intucell CEO Speaks about SON Opportunity

Rani Wellingstein, CEO, Intucell, spoke today at the 4GIsrael conference. A week ago Cisco announced its intention to acquire Intucell for $475M (here) and this was an opportunity for me to hear why.

Rani said that Intucell has 12 deployments, in which the $55M AT&T (here) was the 2nd. Pelephone, Israel, was the first.

At AT&T they are now deployed across the continental US, and were able, with their Self Optimized Networks (SON) technology, to reduce by 40% the number of congested cells during business hours, and to increased the network throughput by 10%.

SON is becoming the "Operating System of the for the RAN" (Radio Access Network) - consolidating all control, over macro, small and Wi-Fi cells in one system - the same way the billing system has to consolidate all subscriber information in one place.

As such, it provides an opportunity to smaller vendors to deliver cell solutions to large MNOs, and for the MNOs to spread their budget, as all multi-technology, multi-vendor cells are merged under one control system.

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