Sunday, February 16, 2014

PCC Deployments [286]: Robi Axiata [Bangladesh] Expands Tango Telecom System

Tango Telecom announces a ".. major upgrade and expansion win with Robi Axiata Limited to increase capacity and to provide new and innovative Policy Control use cases such as Dynamic Pricing for Data Services to the operator’s rapidly growing subscriber base .. Tango Telecom’s Policy Control solution enables Robi Axiata’s subscribers to benefit from highly innovative plans and promotions such as tiered service level packages, roaming controls to prevent bill shock, volume and time based quotas, pay-per-use packages and dynamic on-demand self-care options.

The new features also include Tango Telecom’s Dynamic Pricing for Data Services giving the operator the ability to price and promote mobile data services dynamically based on cell load, location, time of day, subscriber type and/or subscriber activity

See "Tango Telecom awarded major Policy Control expansion deal by Robi Axiata Ltd" - here.


  1. That's sounds great! Subscribers will be benefited to a large extent obviously! :)

  2. Nice to hear that Robi is always ahead for bangladesh telecom company :)

  3. Nice initiative, go ahead ROBI :)

  4. This System will definitely become beneficiary to the Customers :)