Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Allot: Cost of Ortiva Acquisition - Less than $17M, in Cash

In the Q1 2012 call (here), Allot Communications management said, in reference to the recent Ortiva Wireless acquisition (here and here), that it will pay Ortiva's stockholders "less than 10% if its cash", which amounted to $165M at the end of Q1.

So far, Allot cooperated with Ortiva in one project in Latin America that hasn't turned into revenues yet. Ortiva has two tier1 mobile customers, one in the US, one in Europe (part of a larger group) - Allot hopes to use this customer base to up-sell with its DPI solution.

In addition Allot said that:
  • 2 10% customers this quarter, both from EMEA (one is Vodafone, Allot's #1 customer); one more customer was between 9-10%
  • Book to bill ratio was above 1 for the quarter
  • Booking by verticals - Wireless 40+%,  fixed 40-%, Enterprise 18% ; 36% of booking is from North and South America (including $4M from one Latin America customer - here)
  • VAS products were 12% of total booking
  • Allot shows on its "Reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP report" the following item - "Expenses related to M&A activities and compliance with regulatory matter" for $1,045,000. The M&A part of it, relates to M&A activity that was not concluded during Q1. 

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  1. Wow ... Company raised over $40M and sold for this? The management (and investors) must be "proud".