Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Allot Launches the Acquired Ortiva Video Optimization Solution

Allot Communications announced that it launched VideoClass "Based on a best-of-breed product by recently acquired Ortiva [for $17M - here], this application-aware video optimization solution enables mobile service providers to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of over-the-top (OTT) video delivery" 

See also - "Allot Integrates Ortiva and Oversi into the Service Gateway" - here and "About Mobile Video Optimization Market Size and Citrix" - here.

"Allot VideoClass employs optimization techniques that enable service providers to:
  • Reduce the load on RAN and backhaul bandwidth by 30-50%.
  • Reduce capital and operating expenditure.
  • Prevent video stalls and buffering for a consistently great OTT video experience – even under highly variable and unpredictable network conditions.
  • Create new revenue opportunities through service packages designed for video consumers.
  • Gain insight into consumer behavior through detailed analytics on video usage"
See "Allot Launches Video Optimization Solution" - here.

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