Monday, April 23, 2012

[Rumors]: Allot to Buy Ortiva Wireless

Orr Hirschauge reports to The Marker that Allot Communications is going to acquire Ortiva Wireless, a vendor of video optimization solutions for mobile operators. (here, Hebrew - I was interviewed to the story).

Ortiva's solutions provides 4 main functions: Application Aware Bandwidth Allocation, Client Buffer Management, Content Aware Bandwidth Reduction and Network Aware Adaption.  Like Allot, Ortiva uses ATCA as its hardware platform, and uses blades from Radisys (former Continuous Computing products). Ortiva is listed by Allot as a partner (here).Ortiva has also relations with Procera (here) and Sandvine (here).

Allot is looking for video optimization technology for long time now, and was previously in negotiations with other vendors in this space, including Mobixell and Flash Networks (here). Such offering may compete with the DPI/optimization integrated solutions from Bytemobile (here and here) and those that are planned by F5 (here) as well as other vendors. Allot already has a video caching solution integrated in its gateway (OEM from PeerApp).


  1. Desperate DPI vendor buying a dying VO vendor. Ortiva has woefully under-delivered in every account and has no more money.

  2. Ortiva is a joke. They were just kicked out at Sprint.