Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Accolade Launches Low Cost 100 GE NIC for DPI

Accolade Technology announced the "ANIC-100K, an intelligent, low-cost single port 100 GigE NIC for host offload and Deep Packet Inspection. 

The ANIC-100K captures network traffic at full line rate (100 Gbps) and performs advanced acceleration functions such as deduplication, flow classification, de-tunneling, load balancing and more.

The ANIC-100K features a unique architecture based on a scalable pipelined architecture, implemented in a state-of-the-art FPGA supported by a high performance DDR3 Memory sub-system. In Monitoring applications, the ANIC-100K offloads Host CPUs in applications that demand full 100 Gbps Lossless Packet Capture onto the adapter buffers and 100 Gbps transfer across the PCIE bus into Host Buffers. The ANIC-100K also features a high performance TX-DMA capability which operates on a Ring Buffer or in Scatter-gather Mode.
See "Accolade Introduces Advanced, low-cost 100 GigE Application Acceleration NIC" - here.

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