Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elisa (Finland) and Ooredoo (Qatar) Test Nokia's Centralized RAN for Faster Uploads

Nokia Networks announced the use of its Centralized RAN with two operators. "Centralized RAN reduces interference between neighboring cells and allows up to 10 times faster uploads at the cell edge. Battery life of smart devices last longer as they don’t need to transmit at high power to cut through the interference .. Nokia Centralized RAN technology is built on the company’s Flexi Multiradio 10 base Station .. The base stations work directly with one another over fiber optic, without the need for additional network elements":
Hartwall Arena
  • Elisa and Nokia Networks have jointly conducted successful tests of Centralized RAN under extreme load conditions at the packed Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. Running on the operator’s live LTE network, the solution delivered data uploads more than two and a half times faster, while cutting smartphone power consumption by one third"
    See "Elisa, Nokia Networks boost speed of uploading content to web" - here
  • "Nokia Networks and Ooredoo demonstrate, how uplink capacity can significantly increase with Centralized RAN. During large events in stadiums, there can be more uplink than downlink traffic as people upload pictures and videos. Nokia’s Centralized RAN links multiple LTE base stations to work directly with one another and doubles the average uplink capacity across a cell".

    See "Nokia Networks, Ooredoo show 10 times faster upload with Centralized RAN at ITU event in Qatar" - here

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