Friday, December 5, 2014

[Infonetics Survey]: 50% of Operators will Buy Subscriber Analytics from DPI Vendors

Infonetics Research released excerpts from its 2014 Subscriber Intelligence Strategies: Global Service Provider Survey, by Shira Levine, directing analyst for service enablement and subscriber intelligence, with the following findings: 
  • As [operators] look for ways to better monetize their customer base and differentiate against new competitors, we’re seeing interest in a wider range of analytics use cases, including identifying next-best-action marketing opportunities, ascertaining a subscriber’s relative profitability, and enabling variable charging based on factors such as network conditions and customer value
  • The cost and time associated with subscriber data integration and migration are significant barriers to subscriber intelligence projects
  • The top drivers behind respondents’ subscriber analytics initiatives are gaining a better understanding how subscribers use networks and applications and reducing subscriber churn
  • Respondents reported either buying or being likely to buy subscriber intelligence solutions from traditional analytics vendors, though nearly half indicated they were likely to buy from DPI (deep packet inspection) vendors"
See "Subscriber analytics market opening up to alternative vendors" - here.

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