Friday, December 19, 2014

SON Deployments [331]: Vodafone Hutchison [Australia] Uses Amdocs

Amdocs announced that "..Vodafone Hutchison Australia has deployed Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks (SON) solution [see "Amdocs Acquires Celcite for $129M; 2014 Expected Revenues (w/Actix):$68-103M" - here and "Amdocs Positions Actix/Celcite as its SON Solution" - here] to help with the program to improve its 4G coverage and customer experience across Australia. The solution helps Vodafone to free up 850 MHz spectrum previously used for 3G, so that it can be used for LTE. The 850 MHz spectrum is the most widely supported low-band spectrum currently supported by 4G smartphones and tablets, and provides a superior customer experience with fewer dropped data sessions.

Benoit Hanssen [pictured], CTO Vodafone Hutchison Australia, said: "The Self-Optimizing Network technology is playing an important role in the deployment of our low-band 850 MHz 4G network," said . "…and it allows us to differentiate our network experience across our 3G and 4G networks, in particular where we see dynamic traffic behavior",

See "Vodafone Hutchison Australia Deploys Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks Solution" - here.

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