Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ConteXtream Adds OpenDaylight-based, Carrier-Grade SDN Fabric for NFV

ConteXtream announced the launch of "ContexNet 4.0, the first commercially-available OpenDaylight-based, carrier-grade software-defined networking (SDN) fabric for network functions virtualization (NFV).

Taking advantage of OpenDaylight, OpenStack, OpenFlow and other industry standards, ContexNet 4.0 provides unsurpassed scale, supporting millions of subscribers with customized service profiles, as well as the resiliency, high-availability and extendibility requirements for carriers’ unique network needs. This complies with the Internet Engineering Tasks Force (IETF) horizontal standard interfaces for network virtualization allowing operators to create programmable networks that are not only flexible and self-healing, but also have a high degree of consistency. The solution also allows for geographically dispersed sites to be unified and operate as a single network". 

ConteXtream ContexNet

Nachman Shelef [pictured], CEO, ConteXtream said: “Today’s wireless carriers are facing a tipping point. They need to innovate beyond their traditional service model or become the latest commodity industry .. The cost of increased traffic without corresponding growth in ARPU has tightened profit margins for carriers, making it harder to continue building up the network to meet future needs and investing in R&D to identify and launch new services. ContexNet 4.0 allows service providers to optimize their network to meet traffic demands, control costs and introduce new services so they can open up new revenue streams”.

See "ConteXtream Announces First Commercially-Available OpenDaylight-based, Carrier-Grade SDN Fabric for NFV" - here.

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