Thursday, May 23, 2013

NSN and Ericsson Offer Smarter Wi-Fi (Traffic Steering)

Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Network announced the following on the same day: 
  • Nokia Siemens Networks is enhancing ".. its Smart Wi-Fi solution to provide the industry’s most comprehensive traffic steering capabilities between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. The company is also launching a new 3G Femtocell Access Point for seamless connectivity in residential areas. By enhancing cellular networks with Wi-Fi and residential access points, operators can ensure seamless connectivity and positive customer experience across all networks .. The new Smart Wi-Fi capabilities and its flexible client-server architecture will also boost early implementation of ANDSF by bringing ANDSF software support on existing smartphones and devices. The new capabilities also support IT-based HotSpot 2.0 ANQP***, which will enable devices to select the optimal Wi-Fi access point for best mobile broadband quality when the operator decides to steer subscribers to Wi-Fi".

    See "Mobile operators: make cellular and Wi-Fi work together" - here.
  • Ericsson announced its "3GPP compliant Wi-Fi network access, control and management solutions. These enable mobile operators to easily incorporate Wi-Fi in their heterogeneous network strategy, while delivering a consistently high-performance user experience, even in high traffic areas. Incorporating Wi-Fi is a key focus of tier-one mobile operators ..  Key to the user experience is an Ericsson industry-first feature that automatically selects the best connection: real-time traffic steering. Ericsson's real-time traffic steering is a software upgrade that constantly assesses key performance indicators in both the mobile 3GPP network and the Wi-Fi network before dynamically and seamlessly shifting the consumer's smartphone connection between networks. This ensures the best user experience and optimizes network resources. Real-time traffic steering is a network-driven feature requiring no user intervention or additional device software. Ericsson also now supports access selection, a self-optimizing network (SON) feature enabling load-balancing between Wi-Fi and 3GPP networks to optimize the average user experience".

    See " Ericsson brings carrier-grade Wi-Fi to mobile broadband" - here.

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