Monday, May 27, 2013

Optimization Deployments [253]: Viti [French Polynesia] Uses DiViNetworks to Increase Capacity

DiViNetworks announced that "By using DiViCloud Viti obtains additional data capacity to French Polynesia in the Pacific at half the market price. Viti is a leading 4G provider [WiMAX] in French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean .. Viti uses DiViCloud on top of its current provider – Hawaiian Telecom"

Bernard Foray (pictured), CEO, Viti said: “DiViCloud is equivalent to additional IP bandwidth. Furthermore, it operates on top of any combination of existing providers, without having to change current contracts or technical deployment. DiViCloud is the most flexible form for obtaining data capacity

See "Viti selects DiViNetworks to Provide International Data Capacity" - here.

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