Friday, May 24, 2013

[ABI]: Shared Data Plan Available to 5% of Global Subscribers; Unlimited to 15%

A recent report by Jake Saunders [pictured], VP Forecasting, ABI Research finds that "Although much talked about, Multi-device Shared Plans are relatively novel with approximately only 5% of mobile subscribers having the option to subscribe to Multi-device Shared Plans. Of the addressable market, 15% can choose from All You Can Eat Data plans, but 66% only have recourse to the traditional Tiered Usage Pricing model"

It seems the trend is towards shared plans - one example is "Vodafone to Offer Multi-Device and Family Plans (End of 2013)" - here and "Verizon now has 1/3 of postpaid subs on Share Everything plans" - here.

See "Multi-device Shared Plans Available to 5% of the Worldwide Mobile Subscriber Market" - here

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