Friday, May 31, 2013

Operators Reduce Capex with Openet Virtualized Deployments

Openet announced the ".. successful demonstration of linear and scalable policy solutions at a tier one operator. The demonstration highlights Openet’s continuing investment in virtualization. For more than two years, Openet has supported virtualized deployments at tier-one operators, achieving lower capital expenditure (capex) and operating expense (opex), reduced risk in lifecycle management, reduced time to market and targeted service introductions .. Initial requirements for virtualized environments specify vendor agnosticism, standards compliance and simple orchestration. The cost and operating benefits of even these basic requirements are enormous for network operators".

Joe Hogan (pictured), CTO, said: "Our advanced caching technology that enables us to meet NVF requirements is a good beginning, but we are already investing beyond them .. To help operators fully realize the benefits of virtualization we are enabling a SDN orchestration of application components, load balancers, firewalls and virtual networks”.

See "Openet Successfully Demonstrates Elastic Scalability of Stateful Infrastructure" - here.

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