Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Joint CDN/Caching Solution by Limelight and Qwilt

Qwilt  announced that "..Limelight Networks and Qwilt have partnered to develop solutions that will address the dramatic growth of online or “Over-the-top” (OTT) video content .. Limelight’s content delivery network (CDN) optimizes the long haul by delivering video content directly to the operator network. Qwilt’s next generation transparent caching platform, in turn, optimizes the short haul by caching and delivering content at the network edge, close to the consumer. The integration of Limelight and Qwilt solutions will streamline video delivery from the content provider origin servers all the way to the network edge, close to the consumer".

Similar announcements have been announced in the past: Oversi (now Allot) and Jet-Stream (here), PeerApp and EdgeCast (here)

See "Qwilt Partners With Limelight Networks, Inc. for Video Delivery Technology" - here.

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