Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NSN: New Radio Software Reduces WCDMA Network Signaling

Nokia Siemens Networks launched "..new software applications for the Liquid Radio WCDMA Software Suite to help mobile broadband manage the smartphone boom and substantially reduce the network signaling overload .. 
  • Fast Dormancy Profiling is a new Nokia Siemens Networks technology that identifies the legacy smartphones connecting to the network and eliminates the unnecessary signaling they often create. This application significantly reduces the air interface load on the Radio Network Controller (RNC). [see also "[NSN]: Chatty Android Phones should Move on to Network Controlled Fast Dormancy" - here]
  • With Fast Cell PCH Switching, also a Nokia Siemens Networks technology, the network learns how specific smartphones are using the network services and shortcuts the signaling process for rapid call set-up, faster response from mobile broadband services and reduced signaling.
  • High Speed Cell FACH enables networks to support more smartphones and provide faster services for subscribers using lower data volumes. It also significantly decreases signaling load between the RNC, base station and smartphone.
See "Liquid Radio WCDMA Software Suite helps operators reduce signaling, manage the smartphone traffic boom" - here.

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